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I consult and facilitate interactions on novel and, as the case may be, controversial issues. My clients are corporations, associations, municipalities, government departments and research institutions.

My work supports joint fact finding and mutual respect between all involved persons and organizations. It aims for collaboration and constructive solutions and is accompanied by adequate public communication.

I support my customers in developing attitudes and in implementing procedures to meet the needs of meaningful and effective interactions whith their stakeholders.

For these purposes I use my professional experience as an independent consultant who has guided more than a hundred projects since 1990 – among those a number of extensive projects with innovative aims as well as a number of controversial public debates. In addition, ten years of experience in professional politics and the scientific training as a sociologist provide valuable competences.

Recent areas of my work are

  • Long-term stakeholder forum for the German national food economy association
  • Online conference on the prevention of obesity in the strongly affected group of underprivileged children and juveniles, for the German Platform Nutrition and physical Activity
  • Participatory process of the City of Berlin to create a public libraries development plan
  • Alternative dispute resolution on conflicts between nature conservation issues and a wind farm location
  • Communication concept regarding the management of an invasive animal species https://www.lebendige-roehrichte.de/de/
  • International Stakeholder Board of EU project SOLUTIONS
  • Long term communication and stakeholder dialogue formats for industrial customers relating to industry activities e.g. steel plant, waste site, cement mill, gas drilling, plant breeding

For your interest, I will be glad to provide more specific information.

Ruth Hammerbacher